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Warren's Story

Home the next day and back in the game just weeks after knee replacement surgery

Warren Pettaway of Detroit knew he needed to have his left knee checked out when he could no longer keep up while officiating basketball. The pain got so bad that running up and down the court or quickly changing directions was too much for him to continue doing what he loved.

After talking to several people who had gone through knee replacement surgery and doing his own research, the 63-year-old decided it was time to talk to a doctor. He says he was fortunate to find Michael Charters, M.D., a fellowship trained joint replacement surgeon at Henry Ford Hospital.

At the Henry Ford Center for Joint Replacement, experienced surgeons combined with the latest advancements in joint replacement allow patients to recover faster with better outcomes. Patients like Warren are up and walking the day of surgery. All Henry Ford hospitals have the expertise and processes in place to ensure the most rapid recovery possible.

Warren's StoryRehabilitation after this procedure involves an emphasis on walking. The therapists take care to protect the new joint as they teach exercises and provide physical and occupation therapy, leading to a smooth transition from the hospital to home.

Only three weeks post-surgery, Warren is ready to get back in the game. He is able to move without issue and is getting things done around the house. He makes sure to do his therapy as directed and is exercising on his own in the gym.

He is grateful for the treatment, help and guidance he received from Henry Ford, putting his mind at ease throughout the process. He is anxious to get back on the court and keep up with the players again without any knee pain. "It makes me feel good, and it makes me feel like I did the right thing."